[Webinar] Maintaining Momentum: How to Increase Engagement Between Games

A blue background with white text. A cog and leaf logo precedes the text “Game to Grow Presents: Maintaining Momentum: How to increase engagement between games.” Image of a smiling man standing in front of books. More text reads “A live webinar for GMs of all kinds with Michael More, MSc. Wednesday, August 19th at 4pm Pacific.”

It can be challenging to keep up engagement and momentum between TTRPG sessions. However, by adding extra challenges and opportunities for participation, you can not only maintain engagement, but increase it – all between games!

This webinar will introduce strategies to keep players engaged with each other and with the facilitator utilizing both synchronous and asynchronous communication.

Specifically, this webinar will explore what types of goals and activities you can use with your players, including backstory development, interpersonal interactions, expanding the game’s lore, pursuing professions, solving puzzles, and building skills.

We’ll introduce various platforms to facilitate these activities, such as chat platforms (e.g. Discord, Slack), shared documents or drive (e.g. Google Drive), and physical objects like cards or tokens.

Date: August 19
Time: 4pm PST

The cost of this webinar is $20. This webinar is designed for therapeutic and recreational GMs.




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