The Game to Grow Method

Are you a mental health professional, educator, or community member who wants comprehensive training on the applied uses of role-playing games? Game to Grow has created a multi-track, comprehensive training program to provide quality training in The Game to Grow Method of  Applied Role-Playing Games. Each level of this multilevel training program will build on the theoretical models, conceptual frameworks, and practical skills instruction taught at the previous level. 


The three tracks of the Game to Grow Method of Applied Role Playing Games – Mental Health, Community, and Educator, are framed as three trees, an apt metaphor for positive growth and change. 

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Mental Health Tree

This tree is designed for mental health professionals, and will cover the use of TTPRGs in both counseling groups and therapeutic social skills groups. In this program you will develop an understanding of the The Game to Grow Method of Applied Role-Playing Games and how to effectively apply these techniques with multiple populations. The full certification process involves three levels of training as well as group and individual consultation.

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Community Tree

This tree is designed for parents and community members, and will cover the intentional use of TTRPGs for building, strengthening, and maintaining community, as well as an introduction to use of TTRPGs in therapeutic social skills groups. The focus of this tree is to increase your collaborative gaming and table management skills to create a safe, enriching, and fun environment for your participants.

We do not have any live trainings scheduled, but you can check out our on-demand community training here!


Educator Tree

This tree is designed for teachers and educators, and will focus on the effective use of TTRPGs in and around the classroom. These trainings will cover the benefits of TTRPGs for academic and educational growth, building positive classroom culture, as well as ways to use TTRPGs to engage your students and enhance your lessons. 

We do not have any live trainings scheduled, but you can check out the on-demand educator training here!


Questions about the training program? Visit our FAQ.