Mental Health Certification

The Game to Grow Method of Therapeutically Applied Role-Playing Games Mental Health Certification Track Requirements


To complete your certification in the Game to Grow Method of TA-RPG and become a Certified Game to Grow Therapeutic Game Master, you must complete the following requirements within a period of five years: 


  1. Successfully complete the level one, two, and three trainings in the Mental Health Professionals track.
  2. Following your completion of the level three training, participate in 10 sessions of a professional consultation group. You must be running a TA-RPG group during at least 8 of these sessions. 
  3. Submit a narrative self-reflection about your strengths and challenges as a therapeutic GM.
  4. Complete a one-on-one consultation session with your group consultation facilitator.  


Benefits of Certification in the Game to Grow Method

  • Earn recognition of your expertise in TA-RPG.
  • Be featured on the Game to Grow website as part of a certified provider directory. 
  • Add a digital Game to Grow Certification stamp to your website.
  • Gain access to the Certified Game to Grow Mental Health Professionals Discord channel.

Costs of Certification in the Game to Grow Method

  • Professional consultation groups: $20/session, at least 10 sessions – $200
  • Strengths and Challenges Consultation with Game to Grow facilitator – $150