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Tax-Deductible Donations

We plan to continue providing resources, materials, and training to support more professionals worldwide. We plan to expand our hospital gaming program to help even more youth in need. Your support is critical. With your tax-deductible donations, even more individuals can receive the support they need, either in our direct services or through our training and outreach programs.

We have two ways you can donate!

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You can even donate stock!

Fundraising for Game to Grow

Are you a streamer? Click here to learn about our stream team we call Team Sprocket! We’d also love to connect with you to support your stream, so make sure to send us a message!

Facebook fundraisers are a wonderful way to ask your network to support our mission. You can also spread the word about our mission and help raise funds at the same time! Click here to get started.

Other Ways to Support Game to Grow

Humble Bundle
A fantastic distribution platform for video games, when you check out, select Game to Grow as the charity of your choice.  Click here to get started.

You can support Game to Grow by donating a percentage of items sold!   Learn more about eBay’s charity program.

Fred Meyer/QFC
If you live in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, you can help Game to Grow through your regular shopping at Fred Meyer, QFC, and associated stores. Link your Rewards Card to Game to Grow by logging in to your online account here.

Of course, you can help support Game to Grow’s mission by spreading the word about intentional and therapeutic gaming by following, liking, and sharing on X and Facebook.