Press and Media

Below is a curated list of interviews and appearances featuring either Game to Grow or its founders, Adam Davis and Adam Johns, discussing the positive impact of games.

If you would like to schedule an interview, please reach out via our contact page and make sure to view our press kit for more information about our history, our mission, and our impact.



Game to Grow has been written about in many articles both in print and online.  Click for some highlights from across the history of Game to Grow, and the work of founders Adam Davis and Adam Johns before Game to Grow was founded.


Game to Grow’s founders and facilitators have been interviewed over 20 times over the past several years.  Click for a sample of podcast recordings.

Panel Presentations

Representatives from Game to Grow have presented at more than 30 conferences, conventions, and professional gatherings around the country. Click for some of the presentations which were recorded.