Training Opportunities

Are you a mental health professional, educator, or community member who wants comprehensive training on the therapeutic applications of role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons? Read below to see all of the many ways you can bring this life-enriching and innovative modality we’ve developed over the last decade back to your own community!

The Game to Grow Method

Game to Grow has created a multi-track, comprehensive training program to provide quality training in The Game to Grow Method of Therapeutically Applied Role-Playing Games. Each level of this multilevel training program will build on the theoretical models, conceptual frameworks, and practical skills instruction taught at the previous level. 

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Live and On-Demand Workshops

Join us for a live workshops, earn some CEs, and learn more about the use of games to support your clients, your family, or your community.

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Game Master Workshops

To be a great game master of any kind, you need training and experience running games! We offer new player workshops for those new to TTRPGs or D&D, as well as introductory and advanced workshops for Game Masters. 

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Webinars on Demand 

Are you looking to learn more about D&D, Minecraft, or how to host a successful game night at home? Our webinars on demand are home to many of our professional and community webinars. This can be a great place to start if you aren’t ready to jump into the full training program, or you’re looking to supplement your knowledge in specific areas. 

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Certification Track

Game to Grow currently offers a certification option for those participating in the mental health professionals track of the Game to Grow Method training program. The certification process includes group consultation, self-reflection, and individual consultation. Click below to learn more about joining the ranks of these elite therapeutic GMs.

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Professional Consultation Groups

Professional Consultation Groups offer a small group cohort experience where you and other Therapeutic GMs will meet with a Game to Grow facilitator on a regular basis to consult on topics related to effective therapeutic utilization of TTRPGs.

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Custom Trainings

Please contact us about your specific needs if you would like us to put together a training for your organization or team. We can provide private training and consultation groups that follow our flagship training program, or provide a custom training to address your organization and the populations you serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some of the most commonly asked questions about our training program

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