Training FAQ

We’ve gathered some of the most commonly asked questions about our training program. Please review this document first, but if you have any lingering questions, please email for further clarification. 


I’m a student. Do I need to wait until I’ve graduated or have a certification to engage in the training program?

Nope! Prior to receiving full certification in the Game to Grow method in the educator and mental health professional tracks, you’ll need to earn your certification/finish your training. However, you are welcome (and encouraged) to attend the level one, two, and three trainings. You are also eligible to participate in the group consultation that is the final part of the training program, provided you are working under the appropriate level of supervision. 


I work in a school, but I serve in more of a mental health capacity. Which tree is right for me?

The mental health tree is focused primarily on TA-RPGs with groups, while the educator tree covers the use of TA-RPGs in groups as well as information about integrating TTRPGs into classroom curriculum and supporting student game masters. We trust you to pick the tree that is right for you, and expect you to stay within your bounds of competence regardless of tree. 


Will you offer trainings in person?

We are excited to offer in-person trainings as soon as it is safe to do so. No timeline yet, but our newsletter always gets the news first, so make sure you’re signed up


Are your trainings eligible for CEs/CEUs?

Game to Grow is an approved provider of clock hours (CEs) for educators in Washington State. Every training that is eligible for CEs will state so on the registration page. As we become an approved provider with other organizations we’ll update this list. Every organization and licensing board has different rules about what counts for CE’s, so make sure to check with yours. CE credits cannot be retroactively applied to trainings. 


Do you offer customized trainings for organizations?

Absolutely! We can tailor a training specific to the unique needs of your organization. Contact with your requests.


I’m new to tabletop gaming (or gaming in general). How much experience do I need before attending a training?

You don’t need any experience with tabletop gaming prior to attending any of the level one trainings. Prior to attending a level two training, you’ll need 6 hours of experience as a player. You can also attend one of our 4-hour New Player Experience workshops to meet this requirement. 


How do I become certified in the Game to Grow Method of Therapeutically Applied Role Playing Games?

To be certified in the Game to Grow Method, you must first complete all three trees of your chosen track, then engage in 10 weeks of our consultation groups, and have one tape of one session of your groups reviewed by your consultation group facilitator. While completing the consultation hours, 8 out of 10 weeks must be completed while you are actively running a TA-RPG group. These steps must be completed within five years of finishing your level one training. 


Do you offer on-demand trainings?

At this time, our focus is on live, interactive trainings. As soon as we have on-demand trainings, our newsletter will be the first to know! We also offer many auxiliary webinars on-demand in our web store. 


Are your trainings interactive?

Yes! Our level one trainings allow for interaction through chat. In addition to live Q+A, there are opportunities for participation throughout the training. Level two and three trainings include opportunities for interaction through chat, voice, and video. These upper-level trainings include breakout rooms for small group work. 


Do you know about any research on TTRPGs?

Absolutely! The therapeutic applications of role-playing games and the effects of role-playing games are continually emerging areas of research and we’ve highlighted a few relevant articles from peer-reviewed journals here. If you are interested in even more related research and the theoretical underpinnings of our work, check out the training program


I have an accessibility request, what do I do?

Like our other services, we are eager to make our trainings as accessible as possible. When registering for a training, please include your request. You can also email directly. 


I have a grievance, what do I do?

While Game to Grow goes to great lengths to assure fair treatment for all participants and attempts to anticipate problems, there will be occasional issues which come to the attention of the  staff which require intervention and/or action on the part of an officer of Game to Grow. Please see this page for the complete grievance procedure.