Hospital Groups

Since 2021, Game to Grow has been bringing therapeutic games of Critical Core to hospitalized youth. For 90 minutes of their day – instead of focusing on the challenging, often scary reality of being in a hospital – they get to play. These youth engage in a game of silliness, hijinks, and imagination and connect with other kids in similar situations.

The success of this model is evident in feedback from kids and parents:

“A highlight I’ll take away is when I realized that no matter how tough things may get, a smile, a true, genuine smile, can lift your spirits.”

“I really like the idea of seeing other kids in their situation. It makes me feel less alone.”

“Thank you so much – my son has been smiling and happy since 1/2 way through the game… The games helped take his mind off being here. Please continue – I was amazed how well it worked.”

We truly believe this model has the power to help youth who are in the hospital – kids who may be isolated, lonely, and bored. We plan to expand to more hospitals, train more staff, and offer sibling games so that kids stuck in the hospital can still connect, laugh, and play with their family at home.


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Game to Grow is glad to work alongside these hospitals and organizations to bring this impactful program to youth:

  • Methodist Children’s Hospital (San Antonio, TX)
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital (Seattle, WA)
  • Child’s Play Charity