About Game to Grow

Mission and Goals

Game to Grow has three main objectives:

  1. Provide therapeutic and educational gaming groups that contribute to the growth of communities
  2. Promote an understanding of the power and benefit of games across the world
  3. Train others to use game-based interventions intentionally to help youth and other populations

Game to Grow believes in the inherent benefits of games to those who play them, and understands these benefits are enhanced when games are intentionally facilitated by a trained professional.
It isn’t just about role-playing games! All games—board games, card games, and video games —provide opportunities to help players grow.


Game to Grow believes that games of all kinds can improve people’s lives, and these benefits are not limited to helping youth. Intentionally facilitated games can provide support to adults struggling with anxiety and depression, improve cognitive functioning in the elderly, provide relief for veterans suffering from PTSD, and help many other individuals overcome serious challenges. In the years to come Game to Grow will expand to serve these populations through providing direct services and offering support and resources to other providers so that they can use the power of intentional gaming to provide individuals in their care lasting life-enriching benefits.

Also click here to learn about our history and click here to learn about our founders and staff.

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