Therapeutic Game Masters Certified in The Game to Grow Method

The facilitators in this directory have been certified in the Game to Grow Method of Therapeutically Applied Role Playing Games.

To learn more about what this certification means and/or to seek certification yourself, see the details here


Disclaimer: As TA-RPGs can be implemented across multiple disciplines and professions, Game to Grow does not require licensure as part of the certification process. We recommend you confirm with your provider about licensure for such services that require it (i.e., clinical diagnosis or psychotherapy). If a clinician’s listing is no longer accurate or active, please contact us.

Dylan Attard
Play Positive – The Initiative Roll
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Youth Therapeutic Social Skills Groups- Adolescent Therapeutic Social Skills Groups- Adult Therapeutic Social Skills Groups- NDIS Plan & Self-managed Friendly Service

Samuel Chun, PhD Candidate
Brigham Young University — Counseling and Psychological Services
Springville, UT
Individual therapy, Group therapy, Couple’s therapy

Chris Englemann, PhD
Olympic Psychology Services
Tacoma, WA
Individual therapy and Dungeons & Dragons process and social skills groups

Jennie Fincher, PhD
North Texas Counseling Associates
Colleyville, TX
Therapeutic role playing groups, Lego therapy groups, teen processing groups, individual therapy, play therapy, family therapy, and psychological evaluations

Evan Forster, LCSW
Moving Mountains Counseling Center
Littleton, CO
Individual and Group therapy assisted by my gooldendoodle Barkley

Jayde Gilmore, LCSW
Quill Counseling Services, LLC
Sparks, NV
TA-RPG therapy and social skills groups.

Bishop Harber, MS MA LPC
Gamescapes Play Therapy
Akron, OH
Individual therapy (via Red Oak Behavioral Health) and TA-RPG groups.

Barbara Krossteig
Tórshavn, Streymoy, Føroyar
Social skills training groups

Nathaniel Lightfoot, LMSW, LCDC
Texoma Community Center
Sherman, TX
Individual and group counseling including therapeutically applied role playing groups.

David Lindskoog, MA, RCC
Simon Fraser University Health and Counselling Services
Lindskoog Counselling Services
Vancouver, BC
At Health and Counselling Services, I provide individual and group therapy for students at SFU, including the popular “Dungeons & Worry Dragons” TA-RPG group counselling program. In private practice I offer individual counselling with youth and adults with a wide range of concerns, specializing in TA-RPGs, gaming/geek culture, youth suicide prevention, and career counselling.

Charlene MacPherson, LCSWC
Nerd Adventure Therapy 20
Linthicum, MA
Social Skills Groups + Individual Therapy

Garrett Serrels, MA, Resident in Counseling, Certificate in Ecotherapy
Bridgewater College
Bridgewater, VA
Individual and group counseling services from solution-focused, play therapy, and ecotherapy perspectives. I specialize in working with adults, where I use tabletop role-playing games to address important communication and life skills in a non-traditional way.

Courtney Sung, MC RCC
Kith Counselling
North Vancouver, BC
Individual counselling, social flourishing D&D groups for youth and adults, custom D&D groups for families/friends/teams/ organizations who wish to develop stronger social bonds and creative problem solving in a team.

Trained Therapeutic Game Masters

Some trainees have taken all of the required trainings, though haven’t been able to schedule the final step in the certification process: the consultation groups and final interview. The following trainees are fully trained and awaiting certification.

Adam Baldowski, PhD, MA, LMHC
Storyology, LLC

Winter Park, FL
Adam’s counseling focus is working with the LGBTQIA+ community, individuals ages 13+ specializing in gender identity/dysphoria, sexuality, anxiety, life transition, trauma, and dissociative disorders. Adam offers therapeutic TTRPG, is a certified Geek Therapist and Game Master, and is a self-proclaimed geek. In their academic and research work, Adam studies the impact humans and media have on one another, focusing on the psychosocial impact of pop culture, Parasocial Interactions and Relationships, and making meaning and connections through social media.

John Bert, LMHC
University of Rochester Medical Center: Pediatric Behavioral Health and Wellness

Rochester, NY
I provide individual therapy for kids ages 6-21. My main focus is on helping families with kids struggling with symptoms ADHD, depression and anxiety that have negatively impacted their lives. In addition, to individual therapy I am the group leader for several therapeutically applied role playing game groups, called the Guild of Adventure or Adventure Group. Adventure Groups run for 12 weeks, 90 mins per session. The group’s goals are to help teach and practice social and emotional learning skills. In addition, the group hopes to help kids build community outside of a clinical setting.

Meleny Chamberlain, NCSP
National Association of School Psychologists

Bend, OR
I provide social flourishing D&D groups for youth and adults. I have experience working with neurodivergent youth, and my focus is often on social skills and executive functioning. I also offer custom campaigns for families, friends, teams and organizations that want to develop teamwork and creative problem solving skills. 

Danon Hennessey, RSSW
Alliston, Ontario, Canada
Social and life skills development, Mindfulness and self-care support, group facilitation, respite.

Philip Klonowski, LPC
Joplin, MO
I provide individual and couples counseling, focused on changing life stages, depression, and anxiety. I also offer a table top role playing group for social skills building and minor processing.

Christopher Moore, MA, MLS, CPSS
Oaks Recovery Center
Greenwood, SC
To better advocate and promote personal development at Oaks Recovery Center I offer Therapeutic Role Playing Groups, Social Flourishing TTRPG, Peer Support Modeling, and Collaborative Therapeutic Modeling through Peer Support driven modalities.

Phil Quinn, LLPC
Alliance Counseling Group, Out on the Lakeshore

Holland, MI
Individual, relationship, and group therapy as well as therapeutic gaming groups in partnership with the local LGBTQ+ community center.

Tyler Robertson, LPC
Foundations Health & Wholeness
Green Bay, WI
Individual Counseling, Group Therapy, Language Services, Community Partnerships, Foster Care, RAYS Youth Services, School-Based Mental Health

Julia Stamman, LPC
Heart of the Realm, PLLC

Austin, TX
D&D Therapy Groups for adults; Individual counseling for geeks, gamers, and misfits

Hannah Tottenham, MA, HCPC registered
Croydon Health Services NHS Trust & Private Provider

London, England
1:1 therapy for children, young people and adults; Group therapy

Jeffrey Weist, LICSW, RPT-S
Center for Child and Family Therapy

Bremerton, WA
I specialize in working with children, adolescents, and families, in a private practice setting. My areas of focus are family problems, school issues, social problems, mood and behavior issues, parenting skills, trauma, and victims of abuse. I utilize numerous social work interventions including but not limited to cognitive/behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and child centered play therapy.