Therapeutic Game Masters Certified in The Game to Grow Method

The facilitators in this directory have been certified in the Game to Grow Method of Therapeutically Applied Role Playing Games.

To learn more about what this certification means and/or to seek certification yourself, see the details here

Disclaimer: As TA-RPGs can be implemented across multiple disciplines and professions, Game to Grow does not require licensure as part of the certification process. We recommend you confirm with your provider about licensure for such services that require it (i.e., clinical diagnosis or psychotherapy). If a clinician’s listing is no longer accurate or active, please contact us.

Dylan Attard
Play Positive – The Initiative Roll
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Youth Therapeutic Social Skills Groups- Adolescent Therapeutic Social Skills Groups- Adult Therapeutic Social Skills Groups- NDIS Plan & Self-managed Friendly Service

Samuel Chun, PhD Candidate
Brigham Young University — Counseling and Psychological Services
Springville, UT
Individual therapy, Group therapy, Couple’s therapy

Chris Englemann, PhD
Olympic Psychology Services
Tacoma, WA
Individual therapy and Dungeons & Dragons process and social skills groups

Jennie Fincher, PhD
North Texas Counseling Associates
Colleyville, TX
Therapeutic role playing groups, Lego therapy groups, teen processing groups, individual therapy, play therapy, family therapy, and psychological evaluations

Evan Forster, LCSW
Moving Mountains Counseling Center

Littleton, CO
Individual and Group therapy assisted by my gooldendoodle Barkley

Barbara Krossteig
Tórshavn, Streymoy, Føroyar
Social skills training groups

Charlene MacPherson, LCSWC
Nerd Adventure Therapy 20
Linthicum, MA
Social Skills Groups + Individual Therapy