Consultation Groups

Game to Grow is expanding our training and consultation opportunities to offer Therapeutic Game Master Consultation Groups! This is a small group cohort experience where you and other Therapeutic GMs will meet with a Game to Grow facilitator on a regular basis to consult on topics related to effective therapeutic utilization of TTRPGs.

Regular peer consultation is considered a standard of practice in many educational and mental health fields.

Benefits of regular consultation include:
Improving clinical skills
Considering alternative perspectives on client issues
Receiving feedback and support from peers
New ideas for improved facilitation
Connecting with like-minded professional peers
Troubleshooting logistical and clinical problems

Cost: $20 per consultation session, paid quarterly
GMs register for a quarter of sessions, which vary by the frequency of sessions (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). Quarters are typically four months.
Size: Groups will be limited to 5 participants

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At this time, we do not offer drop-in group consultation sessions. If you would like to schedule a single consultation session, you can sign up for an individual consultation. Alternatively, Game to Grow offers regular Therapeutic GM Q+As as part of our ongoing webinar series.

Consultation groups are different from clinical supervision. You are not required to follow any advice given during a consultation group, and you retain all legal responsibility for any suggestions you employ in your practice.