Consultation Groups

Game to Grow is expanding our training and consultation opportunities to offer Therapeutic Game Master Consultation Groups! This is a small group cohort experience where you and other Therapeutic GMs will meet with a Game to Grow facilitator on a regular basis to consult on topics related to effective therapeutic utilization of TTRPGs. Consultation groups are available to those who have taken a level one or level one on demand training in the Game to Grow Method. 

Regular peer consultation is considered a standard of practice in many educational and mental health fields.

Benefits of regular consultation include:
Improving clinical skills
Considering alternative perspectives on client issues
Receiving feedback and support from peers
New ideas for improved facilitation
Connecting with like-minded professional peers
Troubleshooting logistical and clinical problems

Cost: $20 per consultation session, paid quarterly
GMs register for a quarter of sessions, which vary by the frequency of sessions (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). Quarters are typically 5 sessions.
Size: Groups will be limited to 5 participants

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At this time, we do not offer drop-in group consultation sessions. If you would like to schedule a single consultation session, you can sign up for an individual consultation. Alternatively, Game to Grow offers regular Therapeutic GM Q+As as part of our ongoing webinar series.

Consultation groups are different from clinical supervision. You are not required to follow any advice given during a consultation group, and you retain all legal responsibility for any suggestions you employ in your practice.

These consultation groups do not fulfill the consultation requirement for mental health professional certification in The Game to Grow Method of TA-RPGs until you have completed the level three training. You may participate in these groups prior to completing the level three training, with the understanding that any groups completed prior to the training will not count towards certification.