Come learn about therapeutic RPG at AOTA!

Founder Adam Davis will be presenting with Virginia Spielmann at INSIPRE, the annual conference and expo for occupational therapists, in Orlando, Florida!

The six-hour training will be Wednesday, March 20th. Details below!

You do not need to teach a social skills curriculum! Instead, learn how to harness the power of therapeutically applied table-top role-playing games! Meaningful and fun play is occupation as means and end, supporting growth, autonomy, and participation.

Learning Objectives
Describe what a therapeutically applied role-playing game looks like, the benefits, and the social opportunities it provides.
Participate in a therapeutically applied role-playing game, including designing a character and engaging in basic game mechanics.
Identify how therapeutically applied role-playing games can be used with different tween, teen, and young adult populations in their own practice.

Learn more about the presentation here.

We’ll also have as many copies of Critical Core Adam can fit in his luggage!

Will you be there? Send us a message!

This conference continues Game to Grow’s mission sharing the vision of game-based supports to more professionals around the world. Game to Grow has been featured at APA, the Washington Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, Washington State Association for Play Therapy, North American Drama Therapy Association, and many more! If you have an audience that would benefit from learning about game-based strategies for personal growth, let us know!

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