What We Do

Game to Grow’s therapeutic social skills groups primarily use tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons to help teens build real-life social skills.

Why Tabletop Role-Playing Games?

We use tabletop role-playing games to help teens, adolescents, and emerging adults become more confident, creative, and socially capable. The inherent benefits of tabletop role-playing games are numerous, and become even more beneficial if intentionally facilitated by a professional.

While we were brainstorming for a presentation at PAX South in 2016, we filled an entire whiteboard with reasons why tabletop role-playing games are inherently beneficial, and narrowed down the four main reasons we use tabletop role-playing games in our social skills groups. No matter the reason players decide to play these games, they are developing and practicing skills.

Tabletop role-playing games help players:

  • Learn to take the perspectives of others
  • Improve their frustration tolerance
  • Develop their creative problem-solving skills
  • Cultivate communication and collaboration skills

To top that off, they are fun!