Parents of participants in our social skills groups often send us emails, sometimes after an initial session, and sometimes after several quarters of attending our groups, letting us know how our groups have impacted their lives.

Below are some excerpts, with their permission:

“Thank you for this amazing opportunity! My son left the group radiant and smiling, more relaxed and talkative than I have seen him in a year. This is just exactly what he needs. …He lives in his head a lot of the time, and this is giving him a perfect venue to connect with others about what’s going on in there. So great!!”

“We truly have not seen her this excited over anything, and look forward to watching her grow in her abilities and listen to her tell us all about her time in the group.”

“You’ve helped him in a big way, giving him a lot of confidence while opening up a whole new world filled with magic and fantastic beasts… teaching him about teamwork & collaboration and creative problem solving.”

“Over a year later, and both kids are just as engaged as they were the first day!  An added bonus is that they work together collaboratively.  [The group] has helped tremendously with our sibling struggles as well as how to work with people outside of our house.”

“My normally quiet and introverted son leaves this workshop smiling and excited to share out the adventures he just embarked upon.  He sees how to better listen, interact, and help others.  Thank you for this experience for him and our family.”

“He was sad you only meet once a week.  He said it made him feel comfortable to see someone else like him.”

“Oh my goodness, she was super excited and LOVED it!  We were extremely happy to listen to every detail she shared.”

“Thank you to the Adams for providing such an amazing social group that is never boring and always engaging!  This group fulfills a need within our community for teens and young adults with social issues.  I can’t say enough about how happy we are to have found this well hidden gem!”

“I just wanted to thank you for tonight.  Our son talked about the workshop the ENTIRE drive home.  He absolutely loved it!”

“Thank you so much.  We are truly thrilled to be able to bring our son to such an amazing group.  Meeting both you and Adam was great.  We are so encouraged by your rapport with the kids and with our son’s enthusiasm.”

“I’m not sure what I would have done had we not found you. The counseling that has come from it, the connection and a place for [my son] to find some direction. When a parent is trying everything under the sun for their kid, with little success, finding a place that feels like “home” is life changing. I know [my son] still has a long way to go, but I’ve let go of the daily worry.”

“My son has grown in confidence, has an increased willingness to try new things and has a more positive outlook on life!”

“It gives him something to look forward to each week. He has such limited interactions with others, this group is invaluable.”

“My son has become more willing to listen to others’ ideas and opinions, even when they differ from his own. He’s more open to new thoughts and ways of doing things, and willing to go along with someone else’s plan.

“I think my son and the other kids feel respected and valued.”

“We’ve noticed a gradual and definitive change in the way our son approaches interacting with others. He has become more aware of how his actions affect others, like how focusing on only winning is not always the best strategy. He seems more skilled in navigating social situations, like the importance of listening to others and the art of compromise. “

“This is without a doubt the best “therapy” my kid has had. “

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