“Building worlds of connections”: Game to Grow in Seattle’s Child Magazine

The May/June 2023 issue of Seattle’s Child Magazine has an article about Game to Grow! The article covers Game to Grow and foundry10’s recently published whitepaper and research collaboration. Click the image below to read:


“What helps put a child back on the friend-making, social skill-building track? Seattle-based nonprofit Game to Grow has one proven answer: facilitated role-playing games.”

“We want to provide access for those youth who have no champion,” Executive Director and co-founder, Adam Davis, says, “and we don’t refuse service as long as we have capacity.”

One small correction:

In the article, the author errantly states “While the organization facilitates growth through play, it does not provide clinical therapy to players. If serious issues arise, facilitators refer youth elsewhere for assessment.”

This is partially true. Our Minecraft and role-playing game groups are “social flourishing groups” and are not clinical therapy. However, Game to Grow does provide clinical therapy services through our Counseling Program. We have many therapists who are able to answer questions if our group facilitators need consultation, and are able to see the player in individual therapy if they have capacity to serve.

Our counseling services are also not limited to just group participants! Anyone living in Washington state can meet with one of our therapists. For more information about the individual therapy and assessment services offered by Game to Grow, visit Game to Grow’s Counseling Program.

Do you know a child who could benefit from joining one of our therapeutically-applied gaming groups? We have youth groups for ages 10-18+! Click here to learn more about groups and if you have questions please send us a message!


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