We didn’t see you at PAX East!

We did not make the cross-country trip from our home base in Seattle to PAX East in Boston this year, and we heard that some of you were looking for us and were worried about us!

We appreciate your concern! 

You may have been worried that Game to Grow not making the trek was a reflection of economic troubles, especially if you were aware of our recent reduction in force. 

You’re partially right. While our financial troubles are largely resolved (we’re still a non-profit after all) and our fiscal stability is back on track, traveling across the country, especially with products like water bottles, dice, or Critical Core in tow, is incredibly expensive. Flights, hotels, and other travel expenses add up! As a 501(c)(3), we chose not to add a PAX East trip to our expenses this year in order to make sure to put our human and financial capital as much as possible toward the sustainability of our organization and the most direct impact of our mission. 

While speaking to thousands of people about the life-enriching power of games and connecting with hundreds of individuals at the table at conventions is joyous and impactful work, and while it is part of our mission (advocating for the use of games as a life-enriching tool), our direct groups program, our training program, and our counseling program take priority in the delivery of our mission. 

We’re hard at work pioneering in the field of applied gaming! If you haven’t seen yet, Game to Grow collaborated on a research white paper in partnership with foundry10 on the use of games to promote SEL skills, and just published a book about the Game to Grow Method of TA-RPG! 

If you’d like to support our work and help Game to Grow appear at more conventions and conferences this year and in the future, we encourage you to make a donation to our mission!

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