Game to Grow at Emerald City Comic Con

Hello Emerald City Comic Con! We’re excited to see you in just a couple of days! Come see us at our booth located in the Metropolitan Ballroom A on the 3rd floor of the Sheraton. This year we’ll be playing games, showing off Critical Core, and connecting with y’all through panels!



Please Don’t Punch the GM: More (and More) Adventures in Gaming Therapy 

We first presented at ECCC about the therapeutic power of gaming in 2015. Seven years later we return from the frontiers with new stories of success, tales of trial, and lessons learned. Join us as we recognize the movement and celebrate the momentum towards a better world through better games.

Adam Davis, MA Ed (He/Him), Co-Founder and Executive Director, Game to Grow; Adam Johns, LMFT (He/Him), Co-Founder and Executive Director, Game to Grow 


Take Your Vitamin D&D: Why You Should Play More RPGs 

Role-playing games aren’t exactly medicine, but they can improve lives. At this presentation you’ll learn a little more about why TTRPGs have such life-enriching power, acquire some tips for how to use them to give your IRL character a +1 bonus, and hear stories of growth we’ve seen through a decade of experience as therapeutic game masters.

Adam Davis, MA Ed (He/Him), Co-Founder and Executive Director, Game to Grow; Hayden Jones (He/Him), Minecraft and D&D Groups Facilitator, Game to Grow; Michael More (He/Him), Director of Group Services, Game to Grow, Kerry Jarvi (He/Him), Minecraft Groups Facilitator, Game to Grow; Andrew Brazzale (He/Him), D&D Groups Facilitator, Game to Grow; Amelia Herbst, PsyD (She/Her), D&D Groups Facilitator, Game to Grow 


The Player is Evolving! Using Games to Foster Growth Mindset

A growth mindset improves our ability to learn skills and problem solve effectively. Some of your favorite games may already promote and reinforce a growth mindset (e.g., Celeste, Dark Souls, Destiny, Dungeons & Dragons, Pokémon)! Join our panelists as they discuss the ways games promote a growth mindset, as well as how to apply a growth mindset to increase engagement and achievement. If you are looking to improve your performance in a new game, your favorite game, or IRL, this panel is for you.

Elizabeth Kilmer, PhD, Director of Education and Training, Game to Grow; Jared N. Kilmer, PhD, Director of Counseling Services, Game to Grow


Therapeutic Minecraft (yes, it’s real.)

The use of games as a therapeutic tool is an emerging movement within the mental health field and video games offer a unique opportunity to support client growth. Minecraft offers a unique set of tools and experiences that can be utilized for growth, both in individual and group settings. This panel will focus on Game To Grow’s use of Minecraft to facilitate therapeutic social skills groups and offer tips and tricks for those interested in using Minecraft within their own field of work.

Johnny Spangler, MA, LMCH (He/Him), Minecraft Program Manager, Game to Grow; Hayden Jones (He/Him), Minecraft and D&D Groups Facilitator, Game to Grow; Kerry Jarvi, MA (He/Him), Minecraft Groups Facilitator, Game to Grow 


Game Demos

We’re also excited to be hosting a few game demo and play tables! Easy-to-learn and easy to sanitize games will be demoed throughout the convention. A special sign-up for 1.5 hour Critical Core demos will be available for up to 5 people. Hope to see you there!



Looking to get your hands on some Game to Grow swag or maybe your own hard copy of Critical Core? We’ll have our nourishment Pinny Pins,water bottles, LifeCogs, and our new addition of nourish and Game to Grow stickers available. ECCC is the first con where we’ll have hard copies of Critical Core available for purchase. Pick yours up if you stop by!


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