Tales from the Real-World Table: Trust, Exercised

A book opens up, revealing a d20. Above is the Game to Grow logo and the words "Tales from the Real-World Table." Below is the title of the story: "Trust, Exercised."
In the Critical Core Facilitator’s Guide, there is a section called “Tales from the Real-World Table.” These are real stories from real Game to Grow games sharing actual participant growth and progress through intentional gaming.

Here’s a Tale from Adam Johns:

“Trust, Exercised”

At my table, it was recently revealed that one of the characters kept hidden crucial information that could have been used to help prevent a terrible disaster. The character who kept the information brought up how they don’t trust the rest of the group and are only looking out for themselves.

I had all of the players speaking in character, and some of them have really struggled to do so in the past. They constantly stepped out of character to clarify that it was an argument between characters, and that they didn’t really feel that way as themselves. It was a wonderful session, and I’m riding the high of those successes.

Wow! What a moment of growth and trust displayed between players, even as the trust between their characters was called into question.

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