We’re Blushing….

Here at Game to Grow, we’re passionate about providing high-quality trainings to mental health professionals, educators, and community members. We offer a comprehensive training program, and no matter where you are in your applied TTRPG journey – from never picked up a die to expert GM – we have a training designed to support you. We’ve been so lucky to support hundreds of people’s paths to becoming an applied game master, and it’s not a role we take lightly. It’s incredibly rewarding to hear the feedback we receive from our trainees, and even cooler to hear about the way they’ve used their skills with their participants.

Here is some recent feedback from a level one training:

As a non-profit with a *very* small marketing budget, we rely on community support and word of mouth to get our message out. We want everyone to know about the life-changing power of games, and we’re lucky to be part of an amazing community that feels the same. Check out this recent conversation about our training that we stumbled across in a geek therapy community group on Facebook!

Do you want join the Game to Grow community and take the first step on your therapeutic GM journey? Sign up for our level one training for mental health professionals on April 16, 2022.

Want to see more feedback? See more testimonials from our trainees here.

Questions? Visit our Training FAQ and send us any further questions by email to training@gametogrow.org!

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