Training Testimonials

Below is a selection of feedback from trainees in our mental health, educator, and community therapeutic game master trainings.

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“I enjoyed learning about the core competencies and the structure of the Game to Grow Method. Very informative and things I will bring through my therapy practice with RPGs as well as even in personal games!” -Emma C.


“I learned that I’m not alone! This is not insignificant. All the themes discussed connected with my training, expertise and experience in a very integrative way. It has really given me confidence to move forward and built up a lot of excitement!” -Juan Pablo F.

“I love both Elizabeth and Adam (both as people and as presenters!). -Kars J.


“I’m so excited to continue with the further levels. ” -Emma C.


“…Couldn’t be helped that it was 4.00am, love that I had the opportunity to join training from the other side of the world…” -Michelle A.


“Thank you for all you guys are doing to bring this work to life and to consider the clinical/scientific aspects. Gaming is really taking off and to have a community to connect with is a true gift and kind of the point of why we all got into this to begin with. Many thanks to you all!” -Juan Pablo F.

“I loved this training and can’t wait to complete level 2!” -Mental Health Trainee


“THANK YOU SO MUCH. I hope I can attend level 2!” -Sarah D.


“This was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone! Although I personally have extensive TTRPG experience, I love how accessible the training was to those who might lack the gaming experience end of the training while keeping that material fresh for those with that experience. ” -Lisa B.


“Fantastic training! Incredibly informative and interactive. I felt engaged the whole day.” – Allison B.


“This training series continues to be my favorite training I’ve had during my professional career with integrating TTRPG with therapy” – Cody Y.


“This training was perfect!” -Sekayi E.


“I’m leaving feeling informed, connected, and inspired!” -Sekayi E.


“Very informative and engaging. The collaborative aspect of the level was incredibly helpful!” -Mental Health Trainee


“This was really fantastic! I learned so much about collaboration and really enjoyed getting to brainstorm ideas with other group members.” -Mental Health Trainee


“As a baby GM, I for the first time believed that I could run a homebrew, and have solid steps to set that up collaboratively which is so exciting” -Monique A.H..


“Thanks for being so accessible. You guys are rock stars in the field and it is so awesome to have the opportunity to engage as colleagues. You do a great job of subverting that power dynamic!” -Monique A.H..


“It is incredibly rare that I get to attend a training that is so fun that I don’t want it to end. As a bonus to the content learned, I got to meet and interact with nerdy therapists around the globe – wildly expanding my community.” -Cheryl M. P.


“This has been an amazing now second training I have taken from you both. LOVE it.” -Keilah P.


“I’m very experienced with TTRPGs, but it’s immensely helpful to be given techniques to intentionally use the game in a way that supports growth, and allows me to reflect on my own role as a GM. ” -Mental Health Trainee


“The overall workshop was innovating, inspiring and insightful! ” -Dylan A.


“These are so much fun and extremely informative! I feel more confident in my abilities to create encounters and adventures now.” -Miranda B.


“Thank you so much. I cannot wait to bring this to my workplace and help clients. I feel validated and encouraged taking these trainings.” -Mental Health Trainee


“Thank you so much for creating such a thoughtful, welcoming community!” -Stephen P.


“Dr. Kilmer and Adam were both fantastic in their presentation! ” -Matthew R. S.


“An incredible training with lots of actionable information! The structure and order of the information was excellent, the use of slides as a support was excellent, and very engaging.” -Julienne B.


“One of the best presentations I have ever scene. The instructors know exactly what they needed to get across in this first session.” -Erik H.


“I really enjoyed the workshop. I was really looking forward to it and it was completely worth it. One of my major impressions on the workshop is how much the two facilitators seemed to know about the subject, how much experience they have and how well they communicate.” -Miguel M. T.


“There was such a depth of knowledge and experience in the program directors. They elaborated and expounded on questions to make them relevant for everyone present.” -Mental Health Trainee


“The entire session was great – it was very thorough and informative! I am excited for more content ” -Amy C.


“This was absolutely amazing. At first I was a bit skeptical going in with already more than a basic familiarity with therapeutic role-playing, but the longer the course went on the more I learned and the more eye-opening the content became!” -Kars J.


“I had a wonderful time, and I am looking forward to future webinars! Thank you very much and I really excited to start implementing what I learned with family activities!” -Ana V.


“Excellent presentation with multiple applications and examples used for each concept. I thought the use of chat was helpful and facilitated discussion and enhanced the training while building rapport with the attendees. I could have easily spent another 4 hours!” -Christopher M.


“The Check In/Check out process might just revolutionize my sessions. ” -Christopher M.


“I fully believe this system can take TTRPGs to another level and build better relationships through gaming.” -Christopher M.


“I was able to reflect a lot on my own characters and see how I played differently during different scenarios (like the pandemic/lockdown), which give me some more insight into what my own players may need from me (rituals, clearer entry/exits). ” -Stephanie Jay B.


“Extremely insightful activity full of great examples and references. Deeply enjoyed the demonstrations that helped clarify the Core Capacities.” -Ryan D.


“Thank you so much for having this course today! It was an enjoyable experience filled with tons of support from presenters and participants alike.” -Molly H.