Meet the newest members of the Game to Grow Board!

We’ve recently transitioned some of our board members. Kirk Honda, who has been board president since Game to Grow’s founding, has transitioned out of the position, and Game to Grow has brought in three new board members.

Introducing Matt Allen (“Mallen”), Kathy Allen, and Michael LeFevre! The three of them will bring a fresh set of eyes and new voices to our board, helping us continue to expand in key areas.  We are excited to have them on our team! Click here to read their full bios.


Outgoing board President Kirk Honda was a fantastic leader on our team, and helped Game to Grow expand from a two-person nonprofit to an internationally recognized thought leader in intentional therapeutic gaming. He brought his talents and insights as a therapist to our continuing education committee and brought tremendous joy through his portrayal of Thrane the Dwarven Cleric on the Psychology in Seattle Podcast’s D&D therapy series. Kirk is also the regular host of the podcast, so make sure to check it out here!


We wish the best to Kirk in the future (don’t worry, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him), and we are so excited to see what new energy and enthusiasm Matt, Kathy, and Michael will bring to our board!

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