Release the Minions: Introducing RPGs to Youth | PAX Unplugged 2018 Panel

At PAX Unplugged this year, we presented an updated version of our panel Release the Minions: Introducing RPG to Youth, with Ethan Schoonover.  We shared how to choose a game, introduce the game, and modify the game.  Enjoy!


Panel Description:
We love RPGs and we love sharing our passion with others, but what do we do when we want to share RPGs with the next generation? Join our panelists who specialize in playing RPGs with youth and learn how they introduce the game, modify it, and make it an experience that welcome young people into a hobby they’ll have for a lifetime.

Adam Davis [Executive Director/ Therapeutic Game Master, Game to Grow]
Adam Johns [Executive Director/ Therapeutic Game Master, Game to Grow]
Ethan Schoonover [Tech Director/ Teacher/ Dungeon Master, Lake Washington Middle School for Girls]



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