Did you hear about One D&D?

On August 18th, 2022, the next iteration of Dungeons & Dragons was announced:

Called One D&D, this revised ruleset of D&D 5th Edition promises to “create an experience that is not only backwards compatible with the adventures and supplements you enjoy today but that will evolve the game for years to come.”

Did you know many of Game to Grow’s therapeutic social skills groups use D&D? We also use D&D Beyond (the official digital toolset) as a way for our players to keep track of their character sheets and abilities. Whether our facilitators choose to playtest the new One D&D rules or continue with 5th Edition, our focus will remain the same: to help youth and adults become more confident, creative, and socially capable through the intentional facilitation of customized, collaborative gaming experiences.

What do you think? Read the full One D&D announcement on D&D Beyond and share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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