Spice & Dice Sponsorship Opportunities

About Spice & Dice

Spice & Dice is a special event benefiting Game to Grow’s nonprofit mission, mixing the action and excitement of Dungeons and Dragons with the extreme heat of spicy chili peppers! In this unique one-shot D&D event, as viewers and donors raise funds through the various fundraising platforms, players will eat spicier and spicier chili-infused gummy goblins, resulting in hilarious antics in and out of the game…and it’s all for a good cause!

For more information about the event, click here.

Why Support?

Sponsorships and donations to Game to Grow throughout the Spice & Dice event will help bring game-based services to even more youth around the world. Game to Grow also has initiatives to bring the life-enriching magic of intentional gaming to hospitalized youth and foster youth, as well as military veterans and their families. All of this is possible with your support!

Sponsorship Packages

Chili Champion Bronze Package: $500

  • Game to Grow Website. Logo placement and official “thank you” on Game to Grow website coverage before and for two weeks after the event 
  • Game to Grow Social Media. Official “thank you” post
  • Spice & Dice Stream. 
    • Logo placement on a still slide during the breaks 
    • Logo placement on a still slide at the end of the show
    • Official “thank you” in credits

Happy Jalapeno Silver Package: $750

  • Includes Everything in Bronze Package.
  • Spice & Dice Stream.
    • Break Slide Placement: A still slide designed by the sponsor and approved by Game to Grow to be rotated in the break at least three times.
    • Chat Thank You: A “thank you” in chat for active viewers and Twitch VoD viewers to see.
    • On-Stream Thank You: A live “thank you” call-out at the table.

Habanero Hero Gold Package: $1200

  • Includes Everything in Bronze & Silver Packages.
  • Spice & Dice Stream.
    • Chat Giveaways (optional, limit 5 sponsors): A maximum of 5 products (digital or physical) given away to active viewers in chat at a time designated by Game to Grow. Sponsor provides an asset to be displayed on the overlay during the giveaway. Chat Call-to-Action included. To be fulfilled by Game to Grow or the sponsor.
    • First Round Naming Rights (limit 1 sponsor): The first round of spicy gummies eaten at the beginning of the show are named by the first sponsor to purchase this tier. 
    • On-Stream Read: The table will read a 1 – 2 sentence blurb provided by the sponsor at the beginning or end of the stream.
    • Overlay Logo Placement (limit 6 sponsors)
    • Trailer: One 30 – 45 second trailer to play during a break of the show.
  • Spice & Dice Social Media. A unique social post by Game to Grow with assets provided by the sponsor.

Grinning Ghost Pepper Platinum Package: $5500 (limit 1 sponsor)

  • Includes Everything in Previous Packages. (Excluding First Round Naming Rights)
  • Spice & Dice Stream. 
    • Half-time Show Sponsor: Provide a 90 seconds – 3 minute video to be played during the halftime break.
    • Halftime Show Chat Giveaway

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