Welcome to our new Group Facilitator, Hillary

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Meet Game to Grow’s newest Group Facilitator!

Hillary Clayton, MS Ed, earned her Master’s Degree in Education from Johns Hopkins and has been working with youth professionally for ten years as a classroom teacher, tutor, and after school program coordinator. She runs the gaming club at her school and has been a lifelong fan of video games, dating back to her very first GameBoy in the 90’s. Hillary was introduced to TTRPGs five years ago and has fallen in love with the storytelling, creativity, and cooperation she experiences as both a player and a game facilitator. At her table, Hillary hopes to inspire a lot of laughs, a sense of belonging, and a few wholesome moments.

Hillary was introduced to Game to Grow through longtime staff member and Minecraft facilitator, Kerry Järvi. We’re excited to welcome her aboard our team. You can expect to see Hillary facilitating several of our virtual D&D social skills groups for youth.

Interested in learning more about our programs? Game to Grow has 90-min D&D and Minecraft groups for youth and 3-hour D&D groups for adults ages 18+.

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