Elliot’s Passion Project

When we speak about Game to Grow’s mission, we often hear from educators, therapists, or other professionals in the TTRPG space about the life-enriching benefits of tabletop role-playing games. Of course, the most important part of the equation is the players themselves!

For his school’s “Passion Project,” Elliot Ticen takes a look at how immersive experiences in D&D help youth:

Elliot shares some amazing benefits of tabletop role-playing games and makes a strong appeal for why more youth should play. When he spoke with Game to Grow’s Executive Director and co-founder Adam Davis about the project, he said his goal was to make sure the D&D club at his school kept going after he graduated. Maybe he could even inspire other schools to have D&D clubs like the one he enjoyed!

We share Elliot’s enthusiasm for the benefits of tabletop role-playing games (and also want game clubs in every school). Elliot and his family gave us permission to share his fantastic passion project video with the world.

Do you, like Elliot, believe in the powerful social benefits of Dungeons & Dragons in the lives of youth? We do! It’s at the core of our mission: to promote awareness of the life-enriching potential of games across the world. If you agree, share this video with your network!

a youth stands before a table covered by a red tablecloth, displaying Dungeons & Dragons books, dice in a dice tray, and a poster that reads "Dungeons & Dragons: Helping Today's Youth Through The Fantasy World"


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