Spice and Dice is tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow for Spice & Dice! 5pm Pacific on twitch.tv/PAX!

For this special fundraising event, I’ll be joining the Penny Arcade “C” Team for a live-streamed Dungeons and Dragons game like no other. As donations come in to Game to Grow through Tiltify or through Twitch, we’ll be eating spicier and spicier chili-infused gummy goblins provided by Crawlspaces and Critters. I’ve been eating some extra hot sauce every day to get ready, but I don’t know if I could ever be quite prepared for this.

The Spice Mechanics

The more you donate, the more spicy gummy minis we’ll eat. Here’s how it works:

  • The main meter, “The Cauldron,” will fill based on the donations received through the Game to Grow Tiltify and PAX and Penny Arcade Twitch Bits.
  • Each time we reach a tick on the Cauldron, we’ll eat a gummy mini of the current spice level.
  • The spice level will go up as donations come in. We have four main tiers of spicy gummy minis with an extra spicy mini for the end, including:
    1. Jalapeno Jumpstart (lime & jalapeno flavor)
    2. Not So Mellow Yellow (pineapple with thai peppers)
    3. Hopping Habanero (orange & habanero)
    4. Watermelon Firehose (watermelon & ghost peppers)
    5. Cinnamon Spice & Nothing Nice (cinnamon & Carolina reaper)

We need to hit $5k in total donations to eat the Carolina Reaper gummy mini!

Every time the Cauldron fills, we’ll raise the spice level!


The cauldron is already bubbling! Click here to add to the fire! 


The more donations, the spicier the goblins, and the more giveaways in chat!

When you watch the live game on twitch.tv/PAX, you may also be able to win giveaways provided by our great sponsors, including:

One of our sponsors, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, has also shared some codes for giveaways! Some details are still in the works, but we’re so excited we can hardly wait.


Join us tomorrow at 5pm Pacific at twitch.tv/PAX!


Important note: If you are not familiar with the Penny Arcade C Team, they’re a professional Dungeons & Dragons streaming group who sometimes use adult language in their broadcasts. There will be a content advisory for “mature content.” Teens are probably okay to watch, but I’d encourage the younger ones to sit this one out! 


Wish me luck, and thanks as always for your continued support!

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