Thanks for your help making cursed magic items!

Last week we invited, across our Twitter and Facebook, for people to co-create cursed magic items for role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons.

The invite was for the first person to create a magic item that seemed helpful… …and for another person to add in the curse!

The creations you helped create were hilarious!

Here are a few cursed magic items we found particularly charming:

Woof woof! Woof woof arf!



I actually like brussels sprouts, so maybe I just wouldn’t have to share.



I see what they did there.


I… don’t think that would help much…at all.


Collaboration is an important concept across all of our therapeutic Dungeons and Dragons and Minecraft groups and one of the Core Capacities built into Critical Core. It’s a valuable building block to meaningful relationships and a playful approach to collaboration makes the process even more enriching. Thanks for playing with us!

We’ll look forward to more opportunities to collaborate with you!  If you  have any other ideas for ways we can collaborate with you, let us know!


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