Therapeutic Game Master Trainees are Loving the Game to Grow Method!

We just finished another level one Therapeutic Game Master Training for Mental Health Professionals last week, and the feedback has come in. Trainees are loving it! Below is just some of the feedback we’ve received, and this is only from the training last Friday!

If you’re interested in learning how to bring this powerful intervention—the therapeutic use of tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other TTRPG you love—please explore our wide variety of Training Opportunities to see which training is right for you.  Not a therapist or other mental health professional? Don’t worry! You can still learn the Game to Grow Method for Educators and Community Members! Our mission is to bring the life-enriching power of games of all kinds to communities everywhere, so make sure to join our newsletter to stay informed when new trainings open up, and contact us if you’re not sure which training you should attend!


“Wonderfully engaging and delivered with passion and enthusiasm.” -Drew M., MSW, RSW, LICSW, Level One Trainee


“Thank you, it was fun and thought provoking.” -Maryanne C., Level One Trainee


“I loved the roleplay activities to help demonstrate how sessions run. They were engaging and super helpful!” -Level One Trainee


“I feel like this really helped me gain perspective on how to further meet my students’ needs with our gaming sessions.” -Level One Trainee


“It was a great training!” -Level One Trainee


“It was overall a great training. Highly engaging and informative. If the moderators would be comfortable adding about 30 extra minutes to answer more questions that would be very much appreciated, but they did what they could with their scope of time.” -Hailee W., Level One Trainee


“Everything was done well- organization, engaging presenters and topic, etc. I particularly appreciated the attention to diversity (acknowledging some problematic history of RPG’s and addressing that), and the Neurodiversity perspective.” -Anna B., CSWA QMHP, Level One Trainee


“This was an extremely valuable and insightful training that helped showcase an amazing, growing area of therapy.” -Tyler G., Level One Trainee


“The diversity section was *chefs kiss*” -Level One Trainee


“Very valuable. Information provided was grounded in research and a strong evidence base. Loved hearing stories from the facilitators about what has worked well for them and mistakes/learning opportunities along the way. The format was effective too – very organized and the process of addressing questions was good, though there were more questions than could reasonably be answered!” -David L., Level One Trainee


“It was good almost wish it was longer but that is why there are 2 other training’s.” -Breana M., Level One Trainee


“I felt the training was highly beneficial. As someone who has researched but not played D&D, it was understandable even to me. I appreciate the resource of Discord provided so I can gain more experience.” -Richard D., Level One Trainee


“This was a great introduction to the methods, the game, and answered so many questions that I had.” -Rebecca M., Level One Trainee


“Amazing! I learned so much!” -Level One Trainee


“Excellent, amazing, can’t wait to take the next level!” -Level One Trainee


“Excellent training! I will be coming back for level 2!” -Level One Trainee


“I really hope that you guys continue to offer the online training seminars.” -Level One Trainee


“I feel that the training did an excellent job providing an orientation into the game to grow method.” -Richard R. B., Level One Trainee


“Great training. I thought you guys did a very good job explaining the materials and using real world examples was helpful for my learning experience.” -Level One Trainee

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