Therapeutic Dungeons and Dragons on +7 Intelligence Podcast

We had the opportunity to talk with Ches Hall over at the +7 Intelligence Podcast about how we use role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons in our therapeutic social skills groups.

Some highlights:

  • Therapeutic tabletop role-playing games – what they look like, how they work, and who they help – with Adam Johns and Adam Davis, Founders of the non-profit Game to Grow
  • How Game to Grow uses the unique story building of tabletop RPGs to address the needs of the players in therapeutic game sessions
  • Some examples of the adventures that help people address their mental health needs and develop skills

Listen below, or through the +7 Intelligence Website.

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Interested in learning more about our work? Check out the What We Do page to learn more about how and why we use role-playing games in our groups.

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