We’re headed back to PAX West!

We received an email that we’ll be returning to present at our fourth PAX West, and our TENTH PAX overall! We’re excited to be back to our home PAX in Seattle.

We’ll be hosting two panels this year, with some great panelists!  Details below:

Release the Minions! Introducing RPGs to Youth

Friday, August 31st at 12:00pm in Sandworm Theatre

We love RPGs and we love sharing our passion with others, but what do we do when we want to share RPGs with the next generation? Join our panelists who specialize in playing RPGs with youth and learn how they introduce the game, modify it, and make it an experience that welcome young people into a hobby they’ll have for a lifetime.

Panelists include:
Adam Davis —  Game to Grow
Adam Johns —  Game to Grow
Ethan Schoonover — Lake Washington Middle School for Girls

Roll for Healing: Therapeutic Game Master Roundtable

Friday, August 31st at 1:30pm in Sandworm Theatre

The therapeutic use of role-playing games has all but hit the mainstream. Join us for a discussion between the top minds in the field of therapeutic role-playing about what unites them, what defines them, and how you can make your own game better for you and your players.

Panelists include:
Adam Davis —  Game to Grow
Adam Johns —  Game to Grow
Raffael Boccamazzo —  Take This
Megan Connell —  Southeast Psych

Our panels are back-to-back!  Come join us for two solid hours of learning how to play RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons with kids, then come learn from us and the other panelists about therapeutic Dungeons and Dragons and how to use RPGs to improve your own community.

We’ll also be making other appearances at PAX, but we’ll save that for another post!

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