Game to Grow at Emerald City Comic Con!

We’re excited to start the in-person con circuit again!  If you’re attending Emerald City Comic Con this December, we’d love to connect with you. Come see us at our information booth located in Yakima Level 1 and read on to see what else we’ll be up to this ECCC. We’re grateful for the safety protocols being implemented this year to keep our community safe, and encourage you to check out the convention’s health and safety guidelines.


Am I Geek Enough? People of Marginalized Genders in Gaming

There is a lot of discussion on inclusivity and equality within game spaces  but what happens when the criticisms towards marginalized genders become internalized? How do you navigate geek and gaming spaces if you doubt you even belong? Join this panel of accomplished gaming professionals and enthusiasts – all of whom happen to identify as women or trans men– as they discuss their personal experiences and struggles existing in geek and gamer communities.

Date: Friday, December 3rd

Time: 5:15 – 6:15pm

Location: TCC L3-R5

Panelists: Elizabeth Kilmer, PhD (she/her) Game to Grow, Director of Education and Training; JC Lau, PhD (she/her) Harebrained Schemes, Producer; Arthur Guilford (he/him) Game to Grow, Group Facilitator; Makenzie De Armas (she/her) Wizards of the Coast, Associate Game Designer; Maja Nordrum (she/her) Game to Grow, Manager of Product 


#ActuallyAutistic GMs

Many autistic individuals struggle across social settings  but really shine behind a dungeon master’s screen. Join our panel of autistic game masters to learn more about what makes tabletop role-playing games  and the GM seat specifically  such a good fit. We’ll share some great stories and provide concrete tips for setting you and your party up for success on your next adventure.

Date: Saturday, December 4th 

Time: 12:45 – 1:45

Location: WSCC 3B

Panelists: Jared N Kilmer, PhD (he/him); Game to Grow; Director of Counseling Services; Makenzie De Armas (she/her); Wizards of the Coast; Associate Game Designer; Raffael Boccamazzo, PsyD (he/him); Take This; Clinical Director; Elizabeth Kilmer, PhD (she/her); Game to Grow; Director of Education and Training

Game Demos

We’re also excited to be hosting a game demo table! Easy-to-learn and easy to sanitize games will be demoed throughout the convention. A special sign-up for 1.5 hour Critical Core demos will be available twice a day for up to 5 people. Hope to see you there!


Looking to get your hands on some Game to Grow swag? We’ll have our nourishment Pinny Pins and brand new water bottles available in-person, and you’ll also have the option to purchase a Game to Grow t-shirt or hoodie to be conveniently shipped to your house. 

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