We Need Wheelchairs in D&D: Disability Representation [PAX West 2021 Panel]

This panel was originally presented Monday, September 6 at PAX West 2021.



Panel Description:
You’ve likely seen this topic debated hotly in the tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) community. Some will argue it’s not historically accurate, others will point out ramps in ancient Greece. Weirdly enough, this isn’t a debate about historical accuracy in games intentionally set in fictional spaces. This is about inclusion – wheelchairs belong in TTRPGs, because disabled individuals belong in TTRPGs. Humans, with diverse experiences and identities, belong in TTRPGs. Join this awesome group of content creators to talk about their experiences including disability representation in their work.
Shawna Spain (she/her) [Volunteer Coordinator, Game to Grow]
Jennifer Kretchmer (she/they) [Creator of the Accessibility in Gaming Resource Guide]
Anna Holden (she/her) [Founder of DnD Disability]
Makenzie De Armas (she/her) [Associate Game Designer, Wizards of the Coast]
Alicia Marie (she/her) [Costume Concept Artist]
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