Game to Grow at Pax East Online

We’re gearing up for PAX East Online, and are thrilled that the online platform means more of our community will be able to join! We have two panels that will be featured this year, and have also pulled together a list of panels that we are excited to watch. Know of any great panels we missed? Let us know in our Discord! 


Are you interested in connecting with the Game to Grow community and staff or learning more about our mission? Join our community Discord! We’ve got channels for you to connect with other PAX attendees and Game to Grow community members about your favorite games and other geeky topics. This is the same place where our trainees connect, build relationships, and share resources! 


All panels are free to attend, and will be streamed through Twitch. During the panel, there will be a live chat room, where you can talk with other attendees and the panelists themselves! Excited to catch a panel but worried the time won’t line up? We’ll add our panels to our YouTube channel once the convention is over – make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter, and we’ll let you know when they go live! 

Game to Grow Panels

#ActuallyAutistic GMs

Thursday, July 15, 2021
7:45 PM – 8:45 PM EST/ 4:45 PM – 5:45PM PST

Many autistic individuals struggle across social settings, but really shine behind a dungeon master’s screen. Join our panel of autistic game masters to learn more about what makes tabletop role-playing games, and the GM seat specifically, such a good fit. We’ll share some great stories and provide concrete tips for setting you and your party up for success on your next adventure. 

Dr. Jared Kilmer, PhD (he/him) [Director of Counseling Services, Game to Grow]
Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo, PsyD (he/him) [Clinical Director, Take this]
Shawna Spain (she/her) [Volunteer Coordinator, Game to Grow]
Virginia Spielmann, MSOT (she/her) [Executive Director, STAR Institute]
Dr. Elizabeth D. Kilmer (she/her) [Director of Education and Training, Game to Grow]


From War Games to Board Games; How Gaming Helps Veterans

Sunday, July 18, 2021
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM EST/ 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM PST

Gaming of all types is a common pastime among service members seeking diversion, social connection, and/or team building. But what about life after the military? Multiple challenges are inherent in the transition from military to civilian life. Veterans are often dispersed from their social networks, and encounter discrepancies between military and civilian expectations towards work, structure, and relationships. Gaming can be a connection for those who are active duty, as well as those who are transitioning or have transitioned to a civilian status. Join our panel of veterans and mental health professionals as we discuss the ways in which gaming and gaming communities can support veterans through connection and community.

Dr. Elizabeth D. Kilmer, PhD (she/her) [Director of Education and Training, Game to Grow]
Patrick Olsen (he/him) [Independent Contractor, N/A]
Dr. Allison Battles, PhD (she/her) [Postdoctoral Fellow, Minneapolis VA Healthcare System]
Chris Solo (he/him) [Founder, Fabled42]
James Martin (he/him) [Gaming & Engagement Specialist – Alumni Program, Wounded Warrior Project]


Other Panels To Watch 

Thursday, July 15th

Making a Difference Playing Video Games in the Hospital

Research Report: Mental Health of Streamers During COVID

Game Study: The Educational Power of Video Games

The Inherent Queerness of the Cyberpunk Genre

When Talking Is The Game, Or How Do Asymmetrical Co-Op Games Create Even More Cooperation?

Always Check the Toilets: A Ranking of Bathrooms in Games

Geek Trivia Hosted by Geek Therapeutics & Geeks Like Us

Friday, July 16th 

You Wake Up in An Asylum…

The Art of Queer Influencing: The Business Side of Inclusion

The Inaugural Black Video Game Character Hall of Fame

Saturday, July 17th 

Latinx In Gaming Presents: The Artist’s Journey

Penny Arcade Q&A: Origins

Acquisitions Inc. The “C” Team

Sunday, July 18th 

Can We Finally Admit That Games Should be in Classrooms?

Gaming in Libraries

Gayming Across the Pond: A Discussion of Topics Affecting LGBTQ+ Communities in Games


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