[Webinar] Inclusive GMing: Understanding Context and Creating Diverse Experiences


Tabletop role-playing games can be amazingly diverse and inclusive spaces, however some of the traditional rules and stories have problematic histories. This webinar is for players and GMs who want to better understand the discriminatory histories written into TTRPG canon and how to create inclusive stories moving forward. We will be discussing strategies to make your worlds and mechanics more diverse, interesting, and inclusive. 

This webinar will be Sunday, August 30, at 1PM PST. 

The cost for this webinar is pay-what-you-can to Black Lives Matter. Please click on the link to donate prior to clicking on the registration link below. 


About the speaker: Nate Caldwell is an avid TTRPG player and DM. In addition to his many hats within games, he also serves as a consulting GM for the Spoon Conservatory.


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