Collaborative Homebrew 101 featuring Scott Kurtz! | PAX Unplugged 2018 Panel

At PAX Unplugged, we presented a return of our panel Collaborative Homebrew 101: Cure for the Common Murder Hobo.  We’d presented this at PAX East and PAX South, but this time the panel featured Scott Kurtz from Table Titans!

Table Titans has been a fantastic support for Game to Grow, offering us table space at several conventions and partnering to give a portion of the proceeds from the Deconstructed Dice Hoodie.


Note: Some of the language in the presentation is NSFW.

Panel Description:
We’ve all been there: After hours of meticulously planning an epic campaign, our players kill the quest NPC and run off after the first shiny thing they see. The cure for this problem may be easier than you think. With your help we’ll create a world from scratch, then crowdsource some story hooks with the audience to create a whole campaign of our own. You can steal this adventure and use it in your own game, or steal the techniques and keep your players chomping at the bit.

Adam Davis [Executive Director, Game to Grow]
Adam Johns [Executive Director, Game to Grow]
Scott Kurtz [Creator, Table Titans]




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