Therapeutic Dungeon Masters Discuss Intentional D&D at PAX West [Panel at PAX West]

At PAX West this year we invited several other “therapeutic game masters,” those who use Dungeons and Dragons or other role-playing game in some form of therapeutic practice, to participate in a round-table discussion about their work.  Panelists included Game to Grow founders Adam Davis and Adam Johns, Megan Connell, and Raffael “Doctor B” Boccamazzo.

Adam Davis pulled questions from Twitter, including some great questions about how therapeutic Dungeons and Dragons is different from “regular” Dungeons and Dragons, how the panelists guide and use character backgrounds toward therapeutic outcomes, and where the future of the field is headed.

After we spoke on the panel, we had the opportunity to answer a few questions from the audience before we ran out of time.

Thankfully, if you weren’t able to attend our panels this year, they were both recorded!  Embedded below is our panel, “Roll for Healing: Therapeutic Game Master Round Table.”

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Interested in learning more about our work using Dungeons and Dragons in therapeutic social skills groups? Check out the What We Do page to learn more about how and why we use role-playing games in our groups.

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