Advanced Level GM Workshops

This level is for individuals who have some experience running TTRPGs, and want to take their GMing to the “next level.” Learn about common pitfalls to avoid, how to easily build NPCs or villains, and create new adventures and stories. Emphasis will be on building on the shared TTRPG experiences of the group to create meaningful, exciting games for your players.

Before registering for this workshop, you should feel comfortable GMing and are generally familiar with the rules, but want experience GMing in a safe and collaborative environment.

Weekend Workshop
6 hours
Limited to 4 participants
45 minutes of play led by each GM, 15 minutes of discussion/feedback following each GM led section of play
2 hours workshopping and instruction
GMs should come with a module/one shot they would like to run (with the understanding only part of the module/one-shot may be run).
Technical knowledge of play platform required (If you would like to use Roll20 or another platform to play, you should have this ready and understand the mechanics. If you don’t want to use a platform, no need!)
Price: $200

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