Parenting Through Play: Using Games to Strengthen the Relationship

Are you struggling in your parenting role or looking for new ways to parent? Do you find yourself feeling as though you’ve “lost touch” with your child and don’t feel as close as you’d like? Would you like to strengthen your relationship?

Game to Grow is expanding our offerings to include our new Parenting Through Play: Using Games to Strengthen the Relationship course! This small group cohort experience will meet for 5 weeks to learn and practice specific techniques to turn family games and play time into supportive, relationship-building experiences. We will create opportunities for your child to feel empowered and have their perspective heard. Caregivers will be taught the tools to enforce boundaries and limits without damaging the relationship. 

The topics we will cover include:

  • Reflective Responding
  • Redirecting behavior
  • Communicating limits
  • Noticing the “Window of Tolerance”
  • Refocusing on the relationship rather than the problem
  • Providing empowering choices
  • Reinforcing “Growth Mindset”

Cost: $20 for one parent

$30 for two parents in the same household

Size: Groups will be limited to 8 people total, no more than 6 households.

Notes: This class is appropriate for parents of children ages 5-17. To best serve families, we’ll run separate groups for parents of 5-11 year-olds and 12+. Parents of multiple children will be asked to select one “primary” child to learn and practice the skills with during the course. Parents are encouraged to spend the same duration of time deepening the relationship with each of the children in the family on their own outside of the course. If you’re unsure which child to select as the “primary,” fall between the different group ages, are hoping to focus on more than one child at a time, or have other questions regarding group fit, please email

Play using toys, board games, and video games will be covered and at-home practice will be through the family’s preferred method of play. The group will be led by Kerry Jarvi, LMHCA. Kerry is a graduate of the Antioch Play Therapy Certificate program and a facilitator for Game to Grow groups using Dungeons and Dragons and Minecraft.