Mastering Minecraft Social Groups

This social group uses the popular video game Minecraft to help players connect and communicate with each other as they co-create a fantastic world. Participants will build skills related to planning and follow-through, collaborative communication, compromise and self-advocacy—all while playing a game they love and celebrating a shared interest.

Group requirements:

Participants must have experience with the computer version of Minecraft. Console and tablet versions of Minecraft won’t translate well to the PC version, although if participants have experience with the tablet/console version of Minecraft and are also fluent with computer games that use the mouse and keyboard to look around (games like “Overwatch” or “Fortnite” are popular examples of this type of game), that should be fine.

Participants must have a Java Minecraft account and be able to log in to their account on their own (parents may provide us with the login and password to log on participants from groups if that is preferred).

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