Game to Grow Exploring Additional Online Groups

Since we’ve transitioned our groups to be run online amidst the need to stay indoors because of COVID-19, we’ve seen how important our groups are to many of our socially isolated participants.  The transition online has been so successful, in fact, that we’ve begun exploring offering additional online therapeutic social skills groups using role-playing games […]

Victoria’s Story on Extra Credits: Because Games Matter

The YouTube channel Extra Credits, well-known for their video series explaining historical and science concepts in a fun cartoon style, have spotlighted one of Game to Grow’s players for their “Because Games Matter” series, highlighting the participant’s growth through playing Dungeons and Dragons in one of our weekly social skills groups. We are tremendously honored […]

Tacoma, here we come!

We have been looking forward to expanding to Tacoma for quite some time, and we’re looking forward to a Tacoma expansion this fall!  The group will begin in late September, and we are still determining the best location and schedule for our new groups.  If you’d like to be included in this new expansion, please […]