Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessments are provided by qualified clinicians at the Game to Grow offices in Seattle, Washington. These clinicians include licensed psychologists, postdoctoral psychology fellows, and psychology practicum students/interns. During the assessment process, the clinician will serve the role of evaluator instead of therapist. Their function is to gather data from interviews and testing to provide objective feedback in the form of diagnostic clarity and recommendations. Psychological assessments are objectively administered, scored, and interpreted to provide individualized feedback pertaining to both personal and interpersonal strengths and difficulties. Through the assessment process, clients typically gain insight into cognitive, emotional, and/or interpersonal functioning. Not all feedback is inherently comfortable to receive, but results can provide invaluable information to individuals and their families seeking to increase insight, inform treatment and/or accommodations, and facilitate personal growth.

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Cost: $4000
Payment by: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
Accepted Insurance: Out of network (see Practice Policies, below)

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