Below is a curated list of podcasts, interviews, and videos featuring either Game to Grow or its founders, Adam Davis and Adam Johns, discussing the positive impact of games.  For a full list, please click here.

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Game to Grow Interviews, Panels, Press, and Podcasts


How tabletop Games Like Dungeons & Dragons Can be Therapeutic for Players via SyFyWire


Don’t Just Game. Game to Grow! Panel Presentation at Emerald City Comicon 2018


Collaborative Homebrew 101: The Cure For the Common Murder Hobo Panel Presentation at PAX South 2018


Game to Grow on the Acquisitions Incorporated “C Team” Table Talk (some adult language) via Penny Arcade


Roll, Play, Grow: Adventures in Gaming Therapy Panel Presentation at PAX West 2017


Game to Grow Interview on Using Games to Improve Social Skills via The Inner Gamer


Game to Grow (Using Games in Therapy) via Psychology in Seattle


 We participated in an Ask us Anything on Reddit!


Valuing Difference: Local Programs Help Kids on the Spectrum Connect via Seattle Child


With Launch of New Nonprofit “Game to Grow,” Seattle-Based Entrepreneurs Continue Work Championing the Therapeutic Benefits of Games via PRWeb


Before founding Game to Grow, founders Adam Davis and Adam Johns spoke around the country about   the therapeutic application of role-playing games, and were covered by press around the world. Before founding Game to Grow, they founded the organization Wheelhouse Workshop, featured in the following media.


Video Appearances


Wheelhouse Workshop on D&D Social Skills via Dragon Talk, the official Dungeons and Dragons Podcast


The Past, Present, and Future of Therapeutic Role-Playing Games  Panel Presentation at PAX East 2017


Please Don’t Punch the GM: More Adventures in Gaming Therapy Panel Presentation at PAX South 2016

Articles and Press


RPG Therapy for Kids is a Real Thing, and It Works via Geek & Sundry


Therapists Are Using Dungeons & Dragons To Get Kids To Open Up via Kotaku


Dungeons of the Mind: Tabletop RPGs as Social Therapy via KillScreen



Ego Check with the IdDM via The IdDM


How to Become a Therapeutic Game Master via Geek Therapy


 How to Be a Therapeutic Game Master via Rolling for Change

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